3rd World CDG Conference

Reporting Leuven (Belgium)2017 Highlights

For the 3rd edition of the World Conference on CDG for Families & Professionals we decided to go back to where it all started in the beautiful belgian town of Leuven. It was there that in 1980 Prof Jaak Jaeken first diagnosed CDG.

Amazingly and with mastery, Prof Jaeken is still leading us (as you can see in this picture!) towards the main goal of the CDG Community: A CURE!

Unfortunately, despite great effort from many families and professionals A CURE is still to come.

However, more and more (exceptional) Professionals have been doing research (basic and clinical in CDG) and since 1980 much has evolved and improved.

Just like CDG Families, Professionals are also globally dispersed. This, it is more than a privilege to gather so many members of the International CDG Community in one place. Even US, australian and new zeland Families & Professionals joined us! New research project, such as the CDG electronic questionnaire were presented.

So, to discuss many CDG-relevant topics (19 topics were presented and discussed) 52 Families and 78 Professionals (from 22 countries) gathered in a 2 day conference. Well, not just a conference, a networking platform where both Families & Professionals give unique and equal contribution as the experts they are. Much more than a room got filled!

Visit HERE to access all the speakers presentations. There were 19 talks and a round table session, where families and professional sat down together and discussed CDG.

Throughout the conference families and professionals shared not only knowledge, but also experiences and, well, songs and dancing!

Much needs to be done, but this conference has reminded us how far we have come and how we are "United Shaping the Future for CDG". The CDG Community is resourceful, committed, focused and willing to cooperate.

If we remain united, keep pulling together we will do it and sooner rather than later A CURE will arrive for CDG!

Thank You

for your support, for your help, for your presence

See you in Lisbon 2019